Latest Products

Digital Forensics for Business

Digital forensics in the context of corporate organizations, banks, telecoms, and other businesses.


Interview Preparation

Self-paced interview-centric & placement-preparation course designed to prepare you.


DevOps Engineering

Take your career to the next level with this DevOps - Live from planning to production.


Technology Competition

Join Twizax's cutting-edge tech competition for a chance to win $100 to $100,000+ in prizes



Join our writing & translation contest for a chance to win $500+ and showcase your skills!


Writing & Translation

Hire expert writers/translators for top-notch multilingual content.


Natural Language Processing

AI for language processing: sentiment, modeling, translation.


Computer Vision

Visual recognition: classification, detection, segmentation.


Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems like self-driving cars, drones.


Machine Learning

AI topics in regression, clustering, and classification algorithms.


Microsoft Azure Architect

You will acquire practical experience through this certification training


Google Cloud Certification

You will earn experience by taking GCP certification courses.


Salesforce Certification

You will be sure to have mastered the fundamentals of the platform.


AWS Advanced Networking

This verifies knowledge of network architecture and maintenance


Kubernetes Certification

Will help you to set up your own Kubernetes Cluster


Docker Certification Training

You will learn the origins of the containerization technology.